Donut Snob is, at its most basic core, the elevation of an American classic into something closer to culinary perfection. Each donut is carefully crafted in small batches, hand glazed and topped with perfectly balanced flavor combinations. Every single donut is created using only the finest ingredients like pure Belgian dark chocolate, fresh locally sourced citrus or all natural Madagascar vanilla beans. Whether bakers are hand whipping a dark chocolate ganache or carefully salting a simmering caramel, snobbiness is the guiding principle behind each precise step of a Donut Snob donut. The result achieves a “caliber of wretchedly excessive, artistically sumptuous donuts [that] could have started the French Revolution” (USA Today). Suffice it to say, these are not your typical donuts.


The architect of these transformative tastes is the founder, owner, and Head Snob: Janeen Gudelj. What is now one of the most talked about and successful donut companies in LA was born out of a four hour Greyhound Bus ride. Gudelj was trekking through Oregon on one of her many food journeys--trips planned specifically to sample the food of a region--when she read that Los Angeles has the most donut shops per capita of any city in the nation. A proud LA native herself, Janeen realized that not one of these many shops was ridiculously spectacular enough to qualify as the destination for an epic food journey. Thus, she started with a simple goal; create a donut company in LA that is its own destination, a donut company to make LA proud. By the end of that bus ride, she had a name, a few recipes, and a slightly crazy plan.


Several short years later, Donut Snob is the premier donut destination in Los Angeles. Innovative from the start, Gudelj’s company was the first donut delivery service in the nation. Within a year of conception, the Snobs had already won awards for the best donuts in LA. In 2014 Donut Snob was officially dubbed one of the top 10 donut shops in the nation by USA Today. All of this has combined to create a company whose reputation is only eclipsed by the exclusivity inherent in a brand that is limited to delivery (and then only in Los Angeles). Yet for those in on the secret, Donut Snob has become the paragon of donut culture that Janeen first imagined on that Greyhound bus ride. And though it hardly seems possible, Donut Snob is only getting better.

So go ahead, be a little snobby about your donuts . . . it’s what we live for.